Monday, September 24, 2012


We are welcoming an addition to our little family Wednesday! Meet my little Lola...
Oh. My. Goodness. The cuteness is unbearable! Today, she is 7 weeks old. I get to pick her up Wednesday, and I can't wait! Lola is a Shorkie- Shih tzu, yorkie mix. She will only get about 8-10 pounds. 
I have ordered her a collar and leash with her name. And, Matt and I took a trip to Petco this afternoon. We got her food, treats, toys, shampoo, and carpet cleaner... LOL! She also has a car carrier and little crate... This puppy is going to be so spoiled! 
I have begged Matt for a puppy since we started dating.... 7 and a half years ago! It was never a good time, and he always talked his way out of it. Until now!! :) We have a yard for her to play and since I'm only 2 minutes from work, I will be able to come home at lunch and check on her! I am going to crate train her, and we will be going to puppy preschool once a week! Best. Birthday. Present. Ever.
More pictures when I get to bring her home!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hey There!

I'm still here, I promise! September has been super busy. As a matter of fact, I think we are just at that stage right now. Every week is packed! The first weekend of the month, my mom came up, and we went to the game! We had such a great time! It was her first time to see a game in Fayetteville, so she was so excited!

Last weekend, we spent some time Russellville. Wilkins Brothers Outdoors hosted a Baggo Tournament at the store... and the winner received Alabama tickets... I hope they weren't too disappointed! Poor piggies! This is my absolute favorite picture... Thanks, Jen!
Yesterday, Matt and I sat out the game. I have been running a fever and just kinda been feeling crappy all week, and with the weather being yucky, we just stayed in! And by the end of the 1st quarter, I was perfectly content with our decision. I feel so sorry for Tyler Wilson. I hope our team can work together and make some progress over the season!
Hope everyone has a great week!