Saturday, April 6, 2013

Knee Surgery

Friday, March 29th was the big day. Matt and I woke up about 8am. We got dressed and all ready to go. I packed a little bag for the hospital and we were on our way. Of course, we were ready way too early, so we ran a few errands before heading to Physician's Specialty Hospital. They called me back to finish some paperwork, and our parents met us in the waiting room. After waiting about 15 minutes, they called me back... alone. I thought they would let Matt go with me, but he had to wait until they had prepped me for surgery.
Dr. Arnold's staff is nothing short of amazing. Everyone who helped with my pre-op made me feel so comfortable and helped ease my nerves. When I was all ready, Matt got to come back and sit with me. Of course, he had to play with all the surgical equipment and blow up the latex gloves... :)
We talked to Dr. Arnold and the anesthesiologist, and Matt kissed me goodnight.

I woke up crying. I was in pain and I wanted Matt. I sat in recovery for about 45 minutes before they wheeled me out. Matt and my dad got me in the jeep while my mom went to pick up my meds. When I got home I was hungry and uncomfortable. I just couldn't rest. My mom and dad stayed at our house all day. I was well taken care of.


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