Sunday, April 7, 2013


I started PT Monday afternoon. I really couldn't do much because I couldn't bend my knee and couldn't put any weight on it until Friday. So, Monday and Wednesday therapy sessions were pretty easy. But, oh, Friday.
When Matt got home Friday afternoon, I was really restless and wanted to get out of the house. He suggested a drive before PT, so we loaded up and just drove around Fayetteville. He dropped me off and went to run his errands. I crutched into the gym, all smiles. For about 2 minutes. My knee is so weak. I can't even lift it without some support. The first thing the PTA did was unlock my brace to 30 degrees. It was uncomfortable and just weird-feeling, but not too painful. I still have to wear the brace when I do my exercises, so that gives me a little safety net. I practiced walking with 25% weight-bearing on my left leg. Then, the tears came. I started some exercises with the machines, and couldn't tolerate the resistance. BIG BABY. I felt so stupid, but I couldn't stop the tears.
After being tortured for almost an hour, I crutched out to see Matt waiting for me. He pulled the car up, and as I got in I could feel the tears coming again. I felt defeated and emotional, so I just cried. When I got situated in the car, he handed me a bag and said, "this was my errand". Prada sunglasses. I guess he knew I needed a "happy", but geeze. I am a lucky girl... even if I am a big baby sometimes.

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